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I made it throught my first FULL year as a bilingual teacher with no injuries and/or lawsuits and I'm still somewhat sane and have a job for next year! Go me!!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

I hope I don't get a "teacher voice"

We had staff development today.....boring, boring, boring!!! We just spent two weeks in new teacher academy going over the same stuff :( It's OK...just one more day and I can hit my room full-speed.

¡Qué desconsuelo! :( My room is sooooo dirty. There is tons of crap in there that the previous teacher didn't clean out. Bulletin boards were still up and things just stacked on top of other things all summer long so it's super dusty. So the only thing I did today was pull things down and move furniture around and check to see that the computers worked. Mi amiga, la maestra, ya me inspiró! Tomorrow will be cleaning day so that I can get started :)


At 10:28 AM, Blogger Frank gone South (Texas) said...


I suppose by now school has already begun. So... Have you gotten the teacher voice? =)
Just curious. By the way, what is a "teacher voice"?

At 1:14 PM, Blogger amor59 said...

I guess I didn't explain :) At the staff dev. the instructor lady was a teacher for like 30+ years and she has this soft, slow voice. She says every syllable and sounds sing songy(sp?)Her hands sloooooowly skim the page as she points, etc. I had that I love Lucy chocolate factory scene in my head going, "Speed it up a little!"


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