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I made it throught my first FULL year as a bilingual teacher with no injuries and/or lawsuits and I'm still somewhat sane and have a job for next year! Go me!!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Happy Friday...bueno en lo que cabe con el desastre y lo demás

First graders are not too young to look at the newspapers, right? We're going to talk about Katrina today and how we can help (our unit for social studies is citizenship, so I figured this ties in). Of course I'm going to pick what we look at and not just give them the entire newspaper.

Where do the weeks go? No sé, pero ya se me fue otra :) We got into a pretty good groove this week. I think for the most part, the kids have the center rotation down. It's been trial and error trying to group the kids. I've tried putting the more "challenging" kids with some who are pretty dependable. We've been doing science every day (go 1B!). I like the experiments and observations and we do plenty of reading, writing, measuring, etc. while we're at it.

Now I'm going to put together my reading groups and hope that we can get that going next week. I desperately need small groups b/c my kids are at all sorts of levels and I'm noticing where certain ones need more attention. I've realized I'm not the direct teach teacher. It's cool if you are and it works for you and your kids, but in first grade the kids are all over the place. Small groups is definitely the way to go for me.

I hate doing inventory!!! I have to look through all the stuff and check to see if I got the things passed down from the last teacher, what's missing, what's damaged...blah, blah, blah.

Have a good LONG weekend.


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