siempre a las carreras

I made it throught my first FULL year as a bilingual teacher with no injuries and/or lawsuits and I'm still somewhat sane and have a job for next year! Go me!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

awwww....sweet summer vacation

I'm so freaking chill right now. It's perfect. I'm not teaching summer school (although I could seriously use the money) because I just needed the break :) I'm relieved b/c right before the year ended I got out of doing the ELL committee chair thing. At first I said I would b/c I'm a rookie and I'm not good at saying no yet, BUT at our last happy hour of the year, my coworkers gave me ammunition to march in there and explain that I just was not going to do it. why is it so hard to say no? and why do they want to stick the rookie teachers with every committee chair position possible? ok, back to useless crap on the internet :) Peace out.